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Conservatory too Hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?

Reduce UV – Reduce Solar Gain – Reduce Glare – Save Money

Discover the perfect solution to your conservatory’s temperature troubles with ECOshade’s Solid Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels.

Say goodbye to the too hot/too cold dilemma with our single-panel design that provides both thermal insulation and waterproof protection.

ECOshade panels

What can they do for you?

Our replacement insulated panels are a direct replacement for your existing Polycarbonate or glass roofs.

  • Heat Reflection In Summer

  • Glare Reduction

  • UV Block

  • Heat Retention In Winter

  • Remove the need for expensive blinds

  • Our panels offer a direct drop-in replacement for existing glass or polycarbonate panels.

Why do I need it?

We all know conservatories are great on the 3 days of the year that they are not either too hot or too cold but what about the rest of the year?

Our insulated panels are a cheaper option than a replacement tiled roof an can be installed in most cases in under a day.

  • Cut solar gain and reduce heat loss through the roof by an impressive 50-80%.

  • 5-10 year guarantee covering UV stability and bonding
  • UV Blocking

  • Reduced noise from rain
  • Usually installed within a day

  • Polypropelene or aluminium skins

Where can I use ECOshade insulated panels

we knew you were wondering

While we predominantly use them in the roof we can also replace window panels with them for example if you have a blown panel or just don’t want to have to wave to your neighbours anymore

ECOshade insulated panels boast excellent heat insulation and UV endurance making them the perfect replacement for your existing polycarbonate roof.

You don’t need any planning permission to use our panels as they are seen as a replacement product. Residents in Scotland may need to apply for building regs.

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